Alisha Pablo

Flaming H

Name: Alisha Pablo
Grade: 3rd Grade
Classroom: Elementary Room #3
Phone Number: 406-741-2014
Fax Number: 406-741-2015
Help Hours: By Appointment
Welcome to the Third Grade classroom!!

Studentswill have homework if they do not finishtheir workin the time given.Your child should not have any homework if they are using their timewisely in class.Students who miss any days of school have 3 days to complete their work. Iencourage students to practice their spelling words each day. Listsare sent home each Monday and the tests are on Thursdays, unlessotherwise specified.Yourchild also needs to be reading each night at home. I suggest aminimumof 20 minutes per night. Third graders will receive prizes foreach calendar they turn in as well as being invited to the end of theyear pizza party if they participate in theat home reading program. Corrections3rd grade correction policy:
Your child may correct their work for a better grade.
The ONLYpapers that will be considered for a better grade can be a C- or belowas well as being a regular subject assignment, not a test.
These corrections must be corrected at home and returned to school on Wednesday of each week.
I will take an average of the two grades and this will be recorded into the grade book.


3rd Grade Classroom Rules and Consequences

We learn best when:
We listen and follow directions.
We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
We move quietly throughout the room.
We respect ourselves and others as well as property.
We try to do our best.

Movebird once ~ "Being a Role Model"
Move bird twice~ Outstanding Learner (Chance to win a reinforcement)
If their bird moves forward more times throughout the day, they get their name put in the Bucket for another chance to win a reinforcement.
Ifstudents are disrupting their classmates learning environment they may be asked to give me their bird. This will result in a conference at recess to discuss possible solutions to their behavior.
If the behavior continues, student will fill out a pride card and a phone call will be made home. After a Pride Card is filled out and if behavior continues, students will be sent to speak with Mr. Moore.


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