Josey Silva


Name: Josey Silva
Grade:  Kindergarten
Phone: 406-741-2014
Classroom:  Elem Rm. 6
Help Hours:  By Appointment
Welcome to Kindergarten!

Classroom Rules and Conduct:

 Good behavior is expected and important to ensure a productive learning environment. The class rules include being safe, responsible, kind and respectful. Also, these rules follow under the overall school universals. A clip chart will be used. This chart allows for the student to start every day, “Ready to learn.” Students can either clip up to the top of the chart by making good choices, fantastic behavior or being a role model to others. Rewards will be given for positive actions. If students happen to clip down, they will always be able to change their behavior and move up. These are the consequences of not following the set rules.

  1. First bad choice, clip down to think about it. Warning for the student.
  2. Second bad choice, the student will be place in the individual desk by the teacher. Depending on the actions of the student the student will miss free time minutes. Minor misbehavior will result in minimal minutes sitting out of free time. Major misbehavior will result in entire free time for the day.
  3. Third bad choice, visit with Mr. Moore
  4. Call home to plan

Supply List: ​*School supplies will be shared throughout the year at each table group.

¨ Water bottle
¨ Backpack
¨ Box of crayons
¨ 4 glue sticks
¨ Pencils
¨ Erasers
¨ Box of washable markers
¨ Box of colored pencils
¨ Bottle of hand sanitizer
¨ Gym shoes
¨ Blanket for quiet time
¨ 2 boxes of Kleenex tissue
¨ Extra set of Clothes


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Character Ed


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