Kris Paro

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Name:  Kris Paro
Grade:  1st Grade
Classroom:  Elementary Room #1
Phone Number:  406-741-3441
Fax Number:  406-741-2015
Help Hours:  By Appointment
Welcome to the 1st Grade Classroom!
Classroom Rules ~
*I will listen and follow directions.
*I will raise my hand to talk.
*I will respect my teacher, classmates, and school property.
*I will walk indoors.
*I will keep my hands, feet, and other objects to myself.
Classroom Consequences ~
My classroom discipline policy worksaround a merit system. Each student has a sandwich bag containing fourshapes: a circle, square, triangle, and a rectangle. Each time a childis being disruptive or disrespectful, they will pull a shape from theirbag. The following is a list of consequences for pulled shapes:
1 shape pulled = warning
2 shapes pulled = 5 minutes of “time out” during recess
3 shapes pulled = entire recess of “time out” = 15 minutes
4 shapes pulled = 30 minute “time out” during lunch recess
Should disruptive behavior continue after pulling the fourth shape, the student will be removed from the classroom for the remainder of the day. Please note, more severe incidents may call for an immediate visit with Mr.Moore. On the other hand, for those students who do not pull a paper shape the entire day,they will receive a paper semi-circle. Once a child has accumulated four semi-circles, they may turn them in for a prize (pencils, erasers,crayons, mini notebooks, etc…). I believe in maintaining a positive environment!!!
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