Woods Curriculum

Woods I, II,  III,  IV


            (Beginning Woods)

Modern Woodworking

Willis H. Wagner

The Goodheart-Wilcox Company, Inc.


(Woods II,III, IV)

Advanced Woodwork and Furniture Making

John L. Feirer and Gilbert Hutchings

Chas. A. Bennett Co., Inc.


                                            Machines and tools used in these courses

Hand Tools

All the typical hand woodworking tools normally found in a well equipt modern wood

cabinetmaking shop.  ( Drills-Routers-Circular and Jig saws-Belt, Vibrating and Random orbit sanders-etc.-Chisels-Hammers-Cabinet scrapers-Nail sets-Hand saws-Various wood clamps-etc.)



Typical Cabinetmaking machines found in most modern cabinet shops.  (Table saw-Radial arm saw-Surface planer-Jointer-Drill press-Wood lathe-Scroll saw-Shaper-Table mounted router-Bench grinder-Belt and Disc sander-etc.)


                                                               Course Objectives


The Students will: 


1.                  Develop a working knowledge of where why and how different woodworking materials (hard wood, soft wood, plywood other wood by products, etc.) are used.


2.                  Develop an understanding of cabinetmaking joints and fasteners and where, why and when the different types are used.


3.                  Put  the math skills learned in other courses to a practical use calculating material usage, cost of materials, measuring in fractions (English system).


4.                  Gain the skills and knowledge to safely use and set-up the machines and tools needed to make cabinetry.


5.                  Develop the organizational skills needed to design, procure, construct and finish various projects.


6.                  Gain the necessary People skills to work in a work place type of atmosphere.


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7.                  Gain an appreciation for the need to keep the job site  clean.





1.                  Basic math competencies (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division , fractions, percent calculations).


2.                  Woods I for Woods II, III, IV.



                                                       Course Content


                                                               Beginning Woods



1.         Wood and wood byproduct uses and design necessities.


2.                  Bill of material or project material lists


3.                  Wood working joints and fasteners where, why and how each is made and used.


4.                  Tool and machines set-up, usage and SAFETY .


5.                  Project design, and construction.


6.                  Wood finishing technology and skills.


                                                                Woods II, III, IV


1.                  The students will further develop and advance their skills and techniques gained in the lower courses by the construction of increasingly complicated and more advanced projects.


2.                  Finishing skills will advance to spray equipment.






1.                  Class attendance.  (This is real life type of class where mandatory attendance on a regular basis is required to accomplish the JOB).

2.                  The beginning woods students must pass a safety test with a 95 % or higher on each of the machines in our shop before they are allowed to operate them.  These tests are not included in quarter grade.


3.                  Quizzes and tests over material presented in class lectures and assigned material out of the book


4.                  Daily work grade sheets filled out on about two week intervals (10 days).


5.                  Project grade sheets to be filled out and recorded in the quarter in which the project is finished.


6.                  10% of the quarter grades will be derived from the students clean-up activities at the end of each class period and at the other clean-up days.


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